Make Positive You Do not Miss One Of Cyberpunk 2077’s Finest Quests

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Johnny Silverhand stands in front of an AI core.

Screenshot: CD Projekt Pink / Kotaku

Venturing off the trail of the primary quest in Cyberpunk can really feel somewhat…maybe ludonarrative dissonant? Positive, V’s acquired quite a bit on their plate, however there’s an entire metropolis on the market full of quests and goals. Not all are made equally although. If you wish to expertise top-of-the-line facet diversions this dystopian futurescape has to supply, nevertheless, it’s time to get reacquainted with an AI taxi service you met in Act One. Seems they’ve acquired a little bit of a workers downside; good factor you’re in want of eddies and have time to spare.

Act Two opens with such a heavy narrative premise that it’s simple to get immersed in the primary story. Who has time for fetch quests when the clock is ticking on impending doom? That is particularly the case when a lot of the sport can really feel like a GTA-wannabe at worst. However the quest chain that follows “Tune Up” is full of such character and presents such a traditional sci-fi AI premise that you just shouldn’t miss it. In truth, it needs to be prime of your checklist of quests to seize when you wrap up “The Heist” essential job.

You have to be in Act Two to entry this quest. Act Two follows the making an attempt occasions of “The Heist” essential job, so we’re gonna be in spoiler territory right here. Additionally, as a content material warning, this quest does take care of themes of self hurt and suicide. Be sure to have an Intelligence rating of a minimum of 10 so as to entry all outcomes on the quest’s conclusion.) It’s value pausing the primary storyline for this one.

All of it begins with the “Tune Up” facet job, which can take you somewhat unexpectedly earlier than you’ll be in your solution to seek out particular person goals scattered across the metropolis. You’ve got two decisions for the way you wish to deal with this quest: Both knock all the seven goals out one-by-one, or, dip out and in of them as you progress via the primary story or different quests. A number of the shootouts can get somewhat tough when you’re not leveled up appropriately, particularly the one which takes place in Pacifica.

Let’s dig in.

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The best way to begin the Delamain side-quest

Your choom is lifeless, a cigarette-smoking rebellious rockstar is caught in your head, and a stolen piece of {hardware} from Arosaka is slowly overriding your consciousness. Isn’t the long run grand? Act Two arrives after one hell of a flip of occasions and all you may care about after waking up is the place the hell your automotive is.

Fortunate you: In the event you test your journal or map, you’ll come throughout the “Tune Up” facet job, the place the primary goal is to retrieve your car out of your condominium’s parking storage.

After the very rude automotive smashes into you and wrecks your journey, you’ll be wheel-less for a spell. Don’t fear, you may both seize one of many purchasable autos as a short lived alternative (sure, you’ll get your wheels again).

Alternatively, when you’re searching for a free set of wheels and don’t thoughts a fast journey out to the desert, you may rating a Colby CX410 Butte for actually free on the following location:

A location on a map shows a Side Job in Cyberpunk 2077.

Screenshot: CD Projekt Pink / Kotaku

It’s not the quickest automotive by any means, and the acceleration is moderately sluggish, however what would you like for nothing?

End up the rest of “Human Nature’s” duties and also you’ll be capable of entry the “Tune Up” facet job. This one will take you right down to Delamain HQ, the place you’ll perceive a bit about what simply occurred.

After chatting with Delamain a bit, you’ll come to search out out that a variety of his vehicles have gone rogue. It’ll be as much as you to trace them down.

Discovering the rogue Delamain automotive areas (and how you can drive in first-person with out crashing)

Time for a seven-step fetch quest! Don’t shut the browser, belief me, this one’s value it. For the most effective expertise, nevertheless, I actually advocate driving in first-person mode. To keep away from smashing into issues left and proper whereas driving in first-person perspective, be certain your map is on and use it as a form of peripheral imaginative and prescient.

As soon as Delamain provides you the rundown of what’s occurring, you’ll have entry to the seven-step “Epistrophy” facet job. You possibly can go to every location as you want, knocking them out one-by-one, or selecting to seize them once they appear applicable. If you wish to depart this quest as one thing you’ll return to on and off, you don’t want to fret about monitoring it too typically. Delamain will name you each time you’re close to the neighborhood of one of many rogue autos. It can take a short while to search out a few of them relying on their location. Keep throughout the highlighted space in your minimap till you discover the automotive and stick near them when you’ve discovered their location. They are often discovered within the following locations:

  • Wellsprings
  • Northside
  • North Oak
  • Rancho Coronado
  • Badlands
  • The Glen
  • Coastview

A number of the extra notable elements of this quest embrace the Rancho Coronado, Wellsprings, and North Oak areas. In North Oak, you’ll have to drive the rogue cab again your self, besides this AI is especially nervous in regards to the metropolis. Hold the automotive underneath 50 to not spook him an excessive amount of.

Rancho Coronado can have you have interaction in some amusing property harm to fulfill an AI who’s very upset about some pink flamingos. In the meantime, the AI in Wellsprings has a little bit of an angle. It would really feel clunky, however I like to recommend sticking to first-person through the automotive battle right here as, given the digital camera perspective, an impromptu 1v1 demo derby in the midst of a metropolis is sort of enjoyable and poses a little bit of a problem.

In the event you’re heading to Pacifica for the Coastview location, nevertheless, come leveled up and stocked on ammo. After an amusing easter egg, you’re gonna get jumped by a bunch of gonks. I like to recommend staying underneath the bridge throughout this shootout, as there are two teams of hostile enemies outdoors of the bridge who can simply get roped into the capturing spree. Combating one group of fools is way more manageable than taking over three.

As a be aware, “The Glen” location includes a dialog about despair and self hurt.

Last Delamain quest: “Don’t Lose Your Thoughts”

When you collect all the rogue AI’s and ship them again to Delamain HQ, you’ll have to attend a few days to obtain a suspicious name from Delamain. This name often triggers by visiting Corpo Plaza. Seems, Delamain has discovered the supply of the issue: A virus has hit the AI and also you’re being known as on to assist.

As you’ll rapidly study, entry into Delamain HQ isn’t as simple because it was earlier than. When you discover a approach in across the again, you’ll transfer via some deserted places of work. Take the time to sift via the pc emails for a little bit of dystopian backstory about what occurred to the human workers. This is likely one of the recreation’s quests that earns time spent sifting via in-world paperwork. You’ll additionally have to dig via the emails for the code to the primary workplace laptop (it’s a brilliant safe one too: 1 2 3 4). When you have an Intelligence of 8, you received’t want the password.

When you get entry to the storage, you’ll should take care of some hostile drones and an electrified ground. The drones don’t put up an excessive amount of of a combat, however the ground will kill you quick. (The Inductor Immune System implant will make you resistant to the electrical energy).

Take the door to your left if you enter the storage and see Johnny. You’ll have to hop on to the automotive that’s being raised and lowered and parkour your approach over to an open vent. You’ll then should navigate via some slender corridors behind the vehicles to make it to the management room and Delamain’s core. As soon as inside, issues get attention-grabbing.

Johnny will seem and can immediately provide you with a chunk of his thoughts about what you should do. You’ll have three choices: Restore Delamain and kill the rogue AI offshoots, merge the AI offshoots with Delamain (requires an Intelligence rating of 10), or pull out a gun and destroy the core, liberating the AI offshoots however killing Delamain.

Do the AI offshoots have a proper to dwell? Are they simply an error that must be corrected? Ought to (or can) they peacefully coexist with the first consciousness that gave start to them? SPOILERS FOLLOW:

Johnny will seem to encourage you to destroy the core or merge all the AIs into one. He isn’t and not using a level, implying that Delamain is hardly residing a free life as each a taxi driver and dispatcher. Delamain admits early on within the quest that he maintains a management room strictly for the necessity to mirror people, saying that such an area is an “infrastructure” he inherited, very similar to the visualized face he speaks via. Narratively, this is a chance for V to resolve whether or not or not he’ll proceed merely serving people by sending out and driving taxis.

You might be free to reset the core to purge the errant AI offshoots, which establish as Delamain’s kids and appear to be fragments of his personal character. In the event you do that, Johnny received’t be joyful and can name you out. In the event you lack the Intelligence rating to merge the AIs, your solely possibility then is to tug out a weapon and destroy the core.

When you have a excessive sufficient Intelligence rating (10), you may entry what’s arguably the “good ending” for the Delamain quest information. As soon as all AI personalities are merged, Delamain will specific the necessity to depart Evening Metropolis to go on to a greater place. No matter which ending you select, nevertheless, you’re going to get a taxi cab of your personal to drive.

Although merging the AIs appears to be the easiest way to go, none of those appear to scream “good/unhealthy ending.” As a substitute, you’ll be left with a pleasant riddle in regards to the nature of consciousness and what it means to be free. What’s extra cyberpunk than that?

Delamain’s quest is well one among Cyberpunk 2077’s most memorable side-quests. There’s some nice gameplay, a ton of nice dialog and narration, and it’ll have you ever touring to totally different areas of town. It’s simply the primary facet job to select up when you’re out of the primary Act.

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