The Video games That Scared The Hell Out Of Us As Children

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A screenshot shows a 2D monster attacking a player in a brick hallway.

Screenshot: MicroProse / Kotaku

The Legacy: Realm of Terror was this field that sat on the cabinets in my dad’s tiny boxroom he used for a research. These cabinets have been a cluttered mess of PC sport bins (together with the precise field Doom got here in, my dad being one in all seven folks on Earth who didn’t pirate it), notebooks, squared paper for RPG map-drawing, pipe tobacco, and pots stuffed with pens, straws, screwdrivers, and the rest pencil-shaped.

I’d pull the field out and have a look at its entrance cowl, that terrible looming mansion, darkish however for 2 lit home windows on the very high, with lightning crackling down from the sky to its rooftops. It made me shiver. I doubt I even observed the 2 demonic-looking stone creatures that sat on both aspect of the entrance gate—simply the constructing alone was sufficient to present me the jibblies.

One night, when each my dad and mom have been out, I made a decision it was the time to lastly play it. It put in the factor, from all six floppy discs, with an incredible sense of trepidation. Some laborious drive crunching later, I used to be confronted with a much more complicated introduction than anticipated, the sport way more RPG than first-person horror. I created a personality, learn by her story, and entered the mansion.

You would possibly anticipate this story to now pivot to the big anticlimax awaiting me, given all that anticipation, however eeeeeeeeeeek: The sport scared the ever-loving shit out of me. Its grimly bland wood-paneled partitions and purple carpets don’t make for a visible feast, however what I bear in mind scaring me so early was the sense of being pursued. You understand that feeling in an excellent horror sport, whenever you’re leaning laborious in your chair to attempt to encourage your character to only transfer quicker, to only get the hell down that hall and away from the creature that’s following, panic and a frenzied sense of otherworldly hazard tensing your muscle tissues? It was that, besides I used to be a child, in the home alone, and I noped out so rattling laborious.

I’ve by no means performed it since. I bear in mind my dad attempting it later, and telling me he’d discovered it far too nerve-wracking as effectively. I think about, within the chilly mild of precisely 30 years later, this 1992 Microprose creation possible doesn’t possess the identical capacity to scare. However then, simply taking a look at its cowl nonetheless offers me that 14-year-old heebie-jeebies, and I don’t need to discover out. —John Walker

Now that we’ve laid naked our childhood traumas, please share your tales of when a online game scared you foolish as a baby. Your therapist would most likely approve.

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