This New Scarlet And Violet Pokémon Is Surprisingly Overpowered

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A Tandemaus couple living in a house.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Pokémon has a brand new meta contender on the town, and it’s…a cute mouse household? That’s proper. Along with having unsettling in-game implications like how dad and mom hatch out of a single egg, the Tandemaus line can be extremely highly effective: its signature transfer can exceed the bottom energy of assaults akin to Hyper Beam and Explosion. Tandemaus and Maushold have gotten competitive players shaking of their boots.

Tandemaus is a Regular-Sort Pokémon that resembles a pair of mice who dwell collectively as a household unit. After they evolve into Maushold, they will achieve both one or two mice kids. Sure, the Pokémon are procreating with or with out your approval. And the rationale that you just’re solely listening to about it now’s as a result of these Pokémon have been launched within the lately launched Scarlet and Violet.

The one factor that saves us all from at all times being pummeled to loss of life by a household of mice is that its effectiveness is RNG-dependent. That signature transfer, Inhabitants Bomb, is a multi-hit transfer like Bullet Seed and Double Slap, and it hits wherever from one to 10 occasions. Every hit offers a base harm of 20, and every hit has a base accuracy of 90. In case you miss even a single hit, then all the transfer ends. The mice couple raised a household of quitters, apparently.

However wait, there’s extra! In case you get a Tandemaus with the Hidden Potential “Technician,” it then additional boosts every hit by 50%. That’s on high of the 50% Similar Sort Assault Bonus (STAB). So Inhabitants Bomb’s true energy is 45-450 in the event you get the right Tandemaus. Assuming that RNG favors you for ten consecutive hits, this transfer may be essentially the most highly effective Regular-type transfer within the sport. In case you actually give it some thought, do you even want all 10 hits? Simply touchdown 4 assaults will internet you 180 factors of base harm. And it doesn’t even include the everyday drawbacks of lacking a flip or taking large recoil harm. You can even additional enhance Tandemaus with held objects akin to Broad Lens, which brings Inhabitants Bomb’s accuracy to 100%.

In an effort to get the Technician potential for these terrifying fellas, it’s a must to receive the Ability Patch as a uncommon drop in Tera Battles. I do know, I do know. Tera Battles are some of the worst raids I’ve ever performed. However take into consideration the good points! Take into consideration crushing your enemies with the cutest Pokémon within the sport. If in case you have extra affected person mates, you too can ask them to breed you a Tandemaus with the Hidden Potential.

For the remainder of us, haven’t any worry: There’s one dependable counter to the tyrannical reign of Technician Tandemaus: The Rocky Helmet. This held merchandise shaves off one-sixth of an opponent’s well being bar each time they use a transfer that makes contact. So assuming that Tandemaus is at full well being, you simply need to survive six hits—or 270 base harm. The Mudbray line additionally seems to be like a great counter—its potential Stamina raises its Protection with each hit. Or you possibly can simply run a Ghost-type Pokémon.

This household is right here to shake up aggressive Pokémon, and it takes no prisoners. And you recognize what? Good for them.

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