Harmful Liaisons Season 1 Episode 7 Overview: Right here Is My Soul

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The stage is ready for some critical drama! 

On Dangerous Liaisons Season 1 Episode 7, Jacqueline places all her playing cards on the desk, whereas Camille performs quick and free with Jean’s affections.

There was a lot plot development on this episode, however not all of it labored.

Camille and Valmont find yourself in starkly completely different locations from the start (making love and guarantees to one another) to the top (Valmont is crushed inside an inch of his life, and Camille is married to the Marquis).

The large reveal right here was that Camille’s child survived! This was pretty apparent primarily based on the best way Camille instructed her story to Pascal in Dangerous Liaisons Season 1 Episode 6.

The darkest a part of that is that Jacqueline has been elevating Odette as her personal all these years, presumably in secret. Is Jacqueline fearful about somebody discovering out the woman’s parentage?

It looks as if it could be simple sufficient to clarify, given Jacqueline’s charity work, that they adopted a bit of woman from an orphanage. Folks will gossip that she’s barren anyway. Since she does not have any kids, it is a logical assumption.

Jacqueline de Montrachet: You’ve accused me beforehand of being loveless.
Henri de Montrachet: I didn’t imply it as a problem!

Nonetheless, being barren is not any excuse to STEAL A BABY after which mainly depart her mom for useless. What’s extra, she knew Henri raped Camille however by some means was fearful Camille would destroy her marriage? That is severely disturbing.

Jacqueline is the worst form of hypocrite. The true face of evil hides behind prayers and piety. Jacqueline feels guilt, however solely sufficient to go to additional confession, not sufficient to truly make issues proper, which she may simply do by discovering Camille and giving her little one again.

For all her banal evil, Jacqueline continues to be completely clueless about what’s actually occurring. She nonetheless thinks Pascal is Lucien and has no concept he is doing this for Camille.

I’m sick with love. I wished to own you, to fling you down upon a mattress, to carry you in my arms, to stroll with you beside a river, lay flowers in your pillow for if you wake.


Jacqueline’s only a wealthy girl in an sad marriage, in love with a super man who does not exist. What is going to occur to her now that Henri is aware of she deliberate to run away with “Lucien” and Odette?

Sadly, Valmont’s daring plan to extricate Odette failed miserably, because of Suzette’s betrayal. It is odd that Pascal even thought he may belief Suzette — he tried to blackmail her earlier than! He should not have let her return for the blanket. Together with Suzette was a expensive mistake.

All of the servants are asserting themselves as energy gamers, or at the very least making an attempt. Azolan is pissed off with Valmont and Camille, however his livelihood will depend on Pascal, so who can blame him? When he visits Jacqueline’s place, he solely sees the riches inside attain.

Additionally, it is humorous that Azolan is making an attempt to mess with Camille and mendacity about Pascal’s plans, however he is unconvincing. Nonetheless, that seed planted makes Camille bounce to conclusions in a while.

Additionally, it is solely barely hinted at, however Azolan’s “emotions” for Victoire are in all probability a part of why Azolan nonetheless places up with Camille’s drama.

Talking of Victoire, she lastly made an look later within the episode. So, Camille was proper in that regard — it was solely a quarrel, although she’s going to probably be livid when she finds out what occurred to the letters.

Little did Victoire know the always-skulking Rose can be there to grab a possibility.

How will Rose’s acquisition of the letters come into play? She will be able to barely learn them, however Madame Jericho can, and so may Gabriel. Will Rose and/or Jericho attempt to promote them to somebody wealthy to be able to procure a rich sum?

Technically, Camille nonetheless owes Jericho, and now she’s a Marquise. Rose would have acknowledged Victoire from their time collectively.

Then, there’s Ondine and Prevan, who solely appeared briefly on this episode. Ondine vowed revenge — may they purchase the letters by some means?

It was a pleasant contact that, when Ondine’s mama bear claws got here out, she made it clear that she nonetheless cherished and supported her son regardless of understanding he was homosexual. Ondine’s a chunk of labor for a lot of causes, however it’s a must to respect her for that.

Ondine and Prevan will probably be on the opera, which is the place little question the place every thing will come to a head. The very first scene of the collection came about on the opera (in addition to the ultimate scene of the unique movie), so it makes dramatic sense to bookend it there.

Chevalier Saint-Jacques: Why did I consider Valmont may save me?
Camille: As a result of he wants us to consider it fills the nice darkish abyss we mistake for his coronary heart.

Chevalier Saint-Jacques’s plotline felt extremely implausible. How may you be presenting an opera for the Queen and all of the aristocracy the next day and nonetheless not have a plot?! It is simply reckless and poor planning.

I am unable to consider the Chevalier would rely solely on Pascal and never have a backup plan. That is his life and repute at stake. After which, as soon as Camille tells him his story, he instantly sobers up and is able to work all night time and day to get it prepared. Actually?

It can inevitably go this manner — Chevalier will magically work Camille’s wild and dramatically satisfying story into his opera (which can be flawless regardless of solely having half a day of rehearsal, and all of the songs will by some means match the plot).

It can both be an exposé of Pascal’s liaisons and his deception of Jacqueline OR Camille’s story of her betrayal by the Montrachets, probably a mix of each.

It is sensible that Gabriel’s boss, Abbaye, is a part of the Labyrinth. Such enterprises want the police of their pocket.

What is the cope with this duke, thought? Does not Jean personal the Labyrinth? A duke outranks a marquis, so Jean may need to reply to him.

One thing much more sinister is happening right here. Does Jean intend to throw Camille to the wolves, so to talk, or will he defend her now that they’re married? There have been witnesses to his marriage — he would not simply disappear her, would he?

Don’t flip compassion into torture.

Jean de Merteuil

And the way did the Labyrinth shut down so rapidly? The place did everybody go? And is Gabriel now the nice man? What is going on?

An excessive amount of of this episode relied on contrivances, coincidence, and conclusion-jumping.

Firstly of the episode, Camille tries to get out of marrying Jean, and by the top, she desires to do it instantly. Why could not or not it’s in a number of days or the next week?

Camille makes rash choices with out all the knowledge primarily based on defective assumptions. It is irritating. She by no means stops to contemplate options, nor does she ever give Pascal the advantage of the doubt — not that he is earned it by any means.

Jean de Merteuil: Have you learnt the factor about energy, Marquise? It corrupts all of those that have it. Are you able to think about what that does to the soul?
Camille: It makes you able to something.

There isn’t any motive she ought to, besides that her total future is at stake. Azolan’s seed dropped in her thoughts and confirmed her worst fears, coupled with the truth that Pascal’s place was empty.

It is all getting a bit Romeo and Juliet-like — hasty choices result in dire penalties.

There have been a number of little plot factors that got here again right here from earlier within the season.

Nonetheless, they had been clumsily inserted and felt random — like Chevalier’s opera, and the mesmerist randomly holding a burning ritual that Rose and Victoire conveniently confirmed as much as on the similar time.

We nonetheless do not know the place Victoire went when she left. If we assume she went to Madame Jericho, it is doable Rose may have adopted her — that might make sense. It felt like a fairly large coincidence.

Victoire ought to have watched the letters burn! You wish to be certain these had been destroyed. It was simply sloppy.

Additionally, it was very handy (for the plot) that Pascal did not talk his plans to Camille. Naturally, he wished to shock her, and it is doable he was fearful a few letter being intercepted.

Nonetheless, you’d assume he would have discovered a approach to instantly inform Camille her daughter was alive as an alternative of springing it on her. Nonetheless, provided that Camille is thought for behaving rashly, he cannot actually be faulted.

It is the kind of scenario that might have been averted with clear communication.

We all know Pascal loves Camille, and we all know what his intentions are with Odette. His response to seeing her was extremely shifting, and he made it work for Lucien. However Camille does not even know Odette is alive.

There’s simply a lot info some characters aren’t aware of that we’re, and it often made this episode dramatically irritating.

Nonetheless, we’ll watch the fireworks! How a lot will the Queen become involved?

Mere mortals don’t go to the solar.


Who can be ruined on the opera, and whose secrets and techniques will come to mild?

Will somebody die within the remaining episode? Who is aware of what’s going to occur?

How do you assume it’ll all go down? Share your ideas within the feedback! 

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