Hunters Season 2 Episode 3 Overview: Duck. Quail. Goose. Crow.

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It’s not a plan if it would not hit some snags.

The hunters are captured by somebody who has been watching them for some time, resulting in a fair greater group. Two not-so-sweet reunions occur on Hunters Season 2 Episode 3.

Jonah meets his grandmother’s sister, who can be a hunter, they usually collide as a result of similarities of their personalities.

The now greater group continues their hunt for Hitler whereas Hitler decides to get them earlier than they get him.

Clara finds her method to Argentina as a result of Jonah has some inquiries to reply.

Keep in mind the mysterious girl in white who opened the episode on Hunters Season 2, Episode 1, and gouged the eyes out of a Nazi in Austria?

Properly, we met Chava, hunter extraordinaire, Ruth’s sister and Jonah’s grandaunt.

Chava: I do know she lives in you.
Jonah: Who?
Chava: Ruth.
Jonah: You … did not know my safta
Chava: Ruth was my sister.
Jonah: Ruth’s sister died within the camps.
Chava: Properly… then I should be a ghost.

It additionally appeared Sister Harriet and Chava knew one another and had been working collectively all alongside. The truth that they each had been localized in Austria ought to have been the earliest clue.

The entry of Chava into the fold upset the fragile dynamic that existed between the hunters. Jonah had since crammed the vacant seat of the chief after Meyer’s demise.

Jonah: I-I am not taking orders from you, Auntie. Keep in mind, the one purpose why we’re right here proper now could be as a result of I discovered Klaus.
Chava: Oh, proper. You are Herr Chief now. You murdered Meyer to change into boy king.
Jonah: I murdered The Wolf and thwarted a Fourth Reich in America.

Chava was the chief of the opposite group of hunters, and solely she and George had been the remaining members. This was the earliest supply of battle between the 2.

Afterward, we discovered that Jonah felt a sure kind of means as a result of Chava, even after Ruth’s demise, by no means reached out to him. He suffered a lot loneliness, though there was somebody who may information him on looking and even console him.

George and Lonny struck up a friendship primarily based on a mutual understanding of the opposite individual. George can see via the ache Lonny is harboring whereas Lonny sees how handsome George is. See, very understanding.

Even with the frail state of affairs within the group, the hunt for Hitler would not cease.

However now that that they had almost tousled, they needed to discover the subsequent steps. Chava was a welcome addition to the group as a result of she prevents their unintended murdering streak, which messes issues up.

The following one that may have led to Hitler was somebody named The Crow.

He is the Reich’s chief murderer.


The Crow was imagined to take the briefcase from Klaus and go along with it to fulfill Hitler. So, to get Hitler, act like every little thing is regular, set the case the place it may be simply picked, and comply with whoever picks it. Hopefully, they take it to The Crow.

Meyer could be very spooked up to now and now units his function on discovering any ex-Nazi who may know who he’s and kill them. He finds one with a folder containing details about him and kills him.

However this confirmed his fears that he won’t be as nameless as he thought. Will this inform him to make the group devoted to looking and killing all ex-Nazis in North America?

Duties had been divided. The 4 women monitor down The Crow’s safety. George and Lonny watch the briefcase to see who picks it whereas Jonah and Chava attempt to determine the one who might be The Crow.

The women had been almost overpowered as a result of that man was enormous. Mindy felt underappreciated simply because she was outdated. Cannot wait till she proves them unsuitable.

George, then again, has been saddled with a dopehead. Lonny is beginning to undergo withdrawal since they hadn’t used shortly. He’s impatient, erratic, and paranoid. He freaked out after they had been within the sauna when he was most wanted.

The ethical lesson isn’t to take a drug addict to a brawl as a result of they may be the ultimate entrance to guard you from demise, and you’ll almost definitely be killed.

Jonah and Chava partook in a recreation of testing wits. They tried to keep away from the feelings operating via them by making an attempt to determine The Crow. And even after they do, none of them tells the opposite individual that they’ve.

It was a harmful recreation they had been enjoying right here. Belief is required in a group, they usually do not belief one another.

Millie developed one other downside when she misplaced one thing beneficial within the showdown between the women and The Crow’s safety man. It was an vital merchandise that might incriminate her within the homicide of the bishop and ship her to jail.

Hitler, then again, had a play to make. He had been protecting tabs on the hunters’ whereabouts, and now, with all of the folks that they had killed in Argentina, they outed their whereabouts. It wasn’t that onerous to search out them when  all they did was go away a path of Nazis

He would not anticipate them to search out him first. With two very harmful males in his arsenal, why not get them first?

Are you prepared, Joe? That is what we have been getting ready for. Discover them. And convey me their scalps. The Hunters.


On the similar time, Jonah’s fiancée discovered him within the lodge in Argentina. Unknowingly, she had inserted herself into a really harmful state of affairs with all that was taking place.

How will Jonah get out of this?

What did you consider the episode?

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The Hunters went after Hitler, and Hitler went after them.

Did you see that coming?

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